Our goal is to educate you, local HR professional, through monthly membership meetings. We work diligently to bring in speakers nationwide that can speak on emerging workplace issues, provide critical HR updates, and trends. Membership meetings are now back in-person! 

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Join Attorney Brian Formella as he facilitates a review of significant U.S. and Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions from the respective terms that will conclude in July 2023.  Included in the discussion with be an anticipated decision on affirmative action practices by Harvard University.  Also expected are decisions relating to disability discrimination under the Affordable Care Act; emotional distress awards under the ADA; employee benefits; and arbitration.  Brian and attendees will also tie up any lose ends regarding vaccine mandates and review other significant developments within the Department of Labor. 

Food is served at 8:00a; Program starts at 8:30a

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The 2023 Program Schedule can be downloaded here!

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